Sister’s Wild Cinema is not just a women’s film festival, it stands for change. The festival aims to support and create space for women filmmakers who have been too long in the dark and underrepresented in the male-dominated entertainment industry. This creates inequality between the sexes which affects the visibility and meaning of their works in our society.

Sister’s Wild Cinema offers women in the film business a platform for current developments and trends in all aspects of filmmaking. Through the festival, women filmmakers are conveyed to an audience and have the opportunity to present their visions and stories to a broader public and to share their untold stories with the world.

These important films bring new perspectives and ideas into a society that wants to change our future: a future in which more women film directors are represented in television, in the cinema, in advertising, and in other media. A future in which other forms and perspectives of storytelling expand our horizons.

In 2021, we will use green electricity to power the projector on our trip through the city at night. With the help of the innovative technology of an electric motorcycle from the Riti Energie association, we will feed the projector mobile with solar power. Its battery power is strong enough to supply a projector with power, and it is also noiseless.

When selecting the films for our festival, we also make sure that films have been produced sustainably. Special workshops that we will be offering are also part of our commitment to promoting sustainability.

Our festival has enjoyed growing popularity in recent years. We are happy to announce, that our Festival is supported by the City of Ulm and in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Biberacher Filmfestspiele. Here’s a BIG THANK YOU for the support of our partners!

In addition, many voluntary helpers got involved in the past editions. They helped us in every way and we are very grateful for this.

Do you want to be part of the supporters as well?

In order to set up a film festival and a platform, and make it successful for everyone, it requires an active commitment and financial support. We are therefore always looking for sponsors who believe in our vision and work and support us financially or in other terms. These funds are, among other things, required for planning, organization, curation, advertising, marketing, website appearance, technical and organizational work, implementation of the event, and much more.