Women‘s Film Festival

Filmmakers, Wild Sisters! Raise your voices! Submit your movies!

Our beloved Women‘s Film Festival is now entering the second round. At various locations in Ulm we want to project your films on a wide variety of facades and surfaces. The goal is to immerse the nocturnal city in the light of relevant female perspectives. We set a sign for equal rights and female representation with the help of your diverse contributions.

Deadline: August 15, 2019

All genres are welcome
Length of 5 up to 30 minutes

30. 8. Go West
At the extremes of the Interpersonal

31. 8. Eastside
Observations of social (non) movement

Submissions via link
to entry@wildcinema.de

Our main topic this year:

On the edge
On the edge of perception, on the edge of society, on the edge of relationships, on the edge of the abyss or on the verge of departures and new beginnings. This year we explore the edges, symbolically and geographically. Our cinematic expeditions take us to the western city and the eastern city of Ulm.

City West
The first route leads directly through the massively changing cityscape of the Western city. Blocks of flats and luxury new buildings exist next to demolished houses and alternative enclaves, such as »Gleis 44«. For the film program the interpersonal, social dramas and encounters are in the foreground. Which stories do you have to tell? On which abysses do your protagonists stand?

City East
The eastern city of Ulm presents itself as more set than its counterpart in the West. Here changes have already taken place. A Strip club became a hip dance club, a pharmacie turned into a café. Co-working spaces open up alongside well-established butchers. The old exists with the new, can not escape the change. What do you see out there? Did you observe new social movements or do you rather portrait a standstill?

Entry form and flyer
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